Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions Cincinnati Ohio

At Weavemaster’s Transformations Salon, Ohio, we specialize in many types of extensions including Tape extensions, Hairdreams extensions, Dream Catchers, Hot Heads extensions, clip in hair extensions, cheap hair extensions, human hair extensions, keratin hair extensions, ponytail extension, black hair extensions and much more. Thicker, longer hair is possible and will look amazing with the right type of extensions. To achieve this; it's critical to find a dedicated specialist who will provide you find the right extension solution. Our hair extension specialists at Weavemaster’s Transformations Salon, are true artisans with hair extensions. We have spent incalculable hours working with the highest quality materials in the world to ensure that we deliver stunning results for our clients.

Hair extensions offer a customized solution for thickening and lengthening your original hair and enhance their quality. Whether you need temporary hair for a special event or want something that lasts longer, hair extensions can achieve a variety of classy styles and looks. You have seen a few women with wonderful lenghth and naturally flowing hairs. At some stage, you also may have wished your hair could be as long and as lovely. The fact of the matter is that hair grows about 1.5cm per month. If you want an extra 30cm of hair length, then it will take over a year and a half to grow. Undoubtedly, Hair extensions can give you the desired length, volume, and color while you wait for the year and a half!

We at Weavemaster’s Transformations Salon have several years’ experience using different forms of extensions for various reasons. Our top quality hair extensions can reshape and add more beauty to your short hairs, curly, natural, long or braided hairs.

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